Taxation Services

Income tax
Acting as your professional tax agent, our team will file tax returns for all incomes including shares, income from rental properties or other non-PAYE incomes greater than €5,000 in a year. Our team will communicate with the relevant bodies to ensure all tax allowances are received.

Our team will file PAYE tax returns which allows individuals claim reliefs, allowances and tax credits including any medical expenses.

Corporation Tax
We will work closely with our clients to ensure the timely filing of their business corporation tax is achieved, to avoid any late filing penalties or interest charges.

We understand the legislation around Capital Gains tax and Capital Acquisition tax can be cumbersome for individuals to understand. However, our team of specialists will calculate if any savings are due and advise of any tax reliefs that apply to you.

Businesses are required to pay value added tax (VAT) in each accounting period. Our team will accurately prepare and file our clients VAT returns as they are due, to avoid any fines or penalties.

We keep our clients up to date with any changes to the RCT regulations. We notify the Revenue Commissioners of RCT contracts and payments in a timely manner.

Tax Advice:
MK Acts Limited offer our clients professional up to date tax advice ensuring companies align their tax strategy with their overall business strategy. The team will communicate any tax changes to our clients that is of relevance to their business.

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